Tragedy Strikes: Schoolgirl’s Death Linked to Poison-Laced ‘Chowmein’ in Assam


In a shocking incident on December 8, 2023, three young girls in Salbari, Baksa district, Assam, ingested poison-laced ‘chowmein.’ The consequences were dire, with one girl losing her life immediately, while the other two were rushed to the hospital.

Poisoned ‘Chowmein’ Tragedy Unfolds

On that fateful day, three schoolgirls, aged around 13-14 years, intentionally tainted their fast food with poison. The fatal act followed an alleged incident where the trio inscribed inappropriate content on their after-school tuition center’s blackboard. The revelation of their names by a fellow student led to the teacher summoning them, resulting in a reprimand for their actions.

Schoolgirl's Death Linked to Poison-Laced ‘Chowmein’ in Assam

Desperate Act Follows Reprimand

Responding to the scolding, the girls sought refuge in a local fast-food store in Kalpani Bazaar. There, they deliberately laced their ‘chowmein’ with a poisonous substance, consuming the deadly mix shortly after.

The consequences were severe, as the girls fell seriously ill, prompting their admission to Gauhati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) for urgent medical attention. Tragically, one of the girls succumbed to the poisoning during treatment.

School Authorities Stunned

Expressing deep shock, school authorities denied any knowledge of the girls facing mental distress or pressure that could drive them to such an extreme act.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing underlying issues affecting young minds promptly. As communities reflect on this sorrowful event, it prompts critical conversations on mental health and emotional well-being among school-age children.



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