Tragic Accident in Tinsukia: Triple Ridership Claims Life of Student, Leaves Two Critically Injured


Tinsukia: A Sunday joy ride turned fatal as triple ridership on a motorcycle led to the untimely death of Mehek Kumar Ray, a 16-year-old matriculation student under Phillobari police station in Tinsukia district, Upper Assam. Two other students, Sagar Padun and Hariji Sung Krang, both 16, suffered critical injuries in the accident.

Mehek Kumar Ray, a resident of Krishna Pur village and a student at Phillobari Saint Patrick’s school, lost his life in the tragic incident. The injured students, Sagar Padun from Phillobari Tinali and Hariji Sung Krang from Bahir Rongdoi village, are in critical condition. Sagar Padun also attended St. Patrick’s school, while Hariji Sung Krang was a class ten student at Modern English Academy.

The speeding bike, bearing the registration number AS23AB0152, went out of control during the joy ride without helmets, resulting in the accident. The deceased’s body has been sent for autopsy, and the injured have been referred for advanced medical treatment.

Police authorities, speaking to Borok Times, emphasized the need for adherence to traffic laws for personal safety. The traffic in charge of Tinsukia district issued a stern warning, stating that strict actions will be taken against traffic rule violations in the future.

The incident serves as a tragic reminder of the consequences of disregarding safety measures while riding motorcycles. Authorities urge the public to prioritize adherence to traffic regulations to prevent such unfortunate incidents in the future.



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