Christmas Culinary Delights 2023: Global Traditional Holiday Dishes


The festive season approaches, families worldwide prepare to indulge in a myriad of traditional Christmas dishes that reflect the rich culinary tapestry of diverse cultures. From Poland’s Barszcz to Denmark’s Julesildl, each dish encapsulates the essence of Christmas, blending local customs and global flavors.

The best traditional holiday dishes served during Christmas.

France – Bûche de Noël or Yule Log:

The French celebrate Christmas with the delightful “Bûche de Noël,” a cake shaped like a log. This festive treat comprises a sponge cake filled and covered with frosting, expertly rolled to resemble a log. A cherished classic, it holds a special place in French holiday traditions, symbolizing the yule log burned during Christmas festivities.

Poland – Barszcz:

Known as Borscht, Barszcz is an authentic Polish beetroot broth accompanied by Uszka, special mushroom dumplings. This hearty dish is a staple of Polish Christmas Eve celebrations, reflecting the country’s vibrant culinary heritage.

Sweden – Julbord and Julskinka:

Swedish Christmas feasts feature “Julbord,” a buffet showcasing an array of cold fish, meats, cheeses, and pickles. Taking center stage is “Julskinka,” a succulent Christmas ham that steals the spotlight as the star of the julbord, embodying the spirit of Swedish holiday traditions.

Russia – Sochivo:

In Russia, Sochivo (or kutya) takes center stage as a sweet and fruity cereal, representing a traditional Slavic holiday ritual dish. Comprising wheatberries, honey, dried fruits, nuts, and sometimes spices or poppy seeds, Sochivo is a symbolic and flavorful addition to the Christmas table.

Russian christmas porridge sochivo two portion orange.

Philippines – Bibingka:

Filipino Christmas celebrations feature “Bibingka,” a delectable rice cake made with coconut milk and rice flour. This sweet and savory delight holds a special place in Filipino hearts during the festive season, capturing the essence of the holidays.

Denmark – Julesild:

In Denmark, “Julesild” graces the Christmas table as a delectable starter during “julefrokost” (Christmas lunches enjoyed throughout December). Typically paired with Danish bread and remoulade, Julesild adds a burst of flavor to the festive gatherings.



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