Tragic Landslide: Two Workers Lose Lives at Mizoram-Assam Railway Site


Tragic Landslide: Fatal Incident at Kawnpui Railway Station Construction Site

In a devastating incident at the proposed railway station site in Kawnpui, located at the Assam border in Kolasib district, at least two workers lost their lives in a tragic landslide. The victims, identified as Deepak Dutta (27) and Durga Prasad Passi (53), both hailing from Assam’s Hojai district, were tragically killed when rocks and boulders fell on them during construction activities.

Tragic Landslide

Tragic Landslide: Construction Mishap During Railway Line Development

The unfortunate event unfolded as the workers were diligently engaged in construction activities near the proposed Kawnpui railway station, part of the ongoing Sairang to Bairabi broad gauge railway line project. The two workers, employed by RL Construction Pvt. Ltd., a company working under Northeast Frontier Railways, were contributing to the construction efforts along the 51-kilometer stretch from Assam’s Bairabi rail station to Sairang rail station near Aizawl.

Immediate Impact and Eyewitness Accounts

Eyewitnesses on the scene reported that the construction involved the use of an excavator to clear soil for the proposed Kawnpui rail station. Simultaneously, the unfortunate victims were manually involved in leveling the soil when a sudden landslide occurred from above, leading to an immediate fatality for both workers.

Victims’ Identification and Postmortem Procedures

The deceased workers’ identities were confirmed as Deepak Dutta and Durga Prasad Passi. Following the tragic incident, their mortal remains underwent postmortem procedures on the same day. The bodies were then transported to their respective native villages for final rites.

Rail Construction Safety Measures Under Scrutiny

The incident highlights the potential dangers and risks associated with construction activities, especially in hilly terrains prone to landslides. As authorities investigate the circumstances leading to the landslide, questions about safety protocols and measures during railway construction projects in such challenging landscapes may come under scrutiny. The loss of lives serves as a somber reminder of the importance of stringent safety practices in infrastructure development projects.



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