Tragic: Nine-Year-Old Boy Drowns in Thoubal River, Manipur


A tragic incident unfolded on Sunday afternoon at the Thoubal River in Manipur, as a nine-year-old boy fell into its waters and was swept away by the strong current.

Officials reported that the State Disaster Response Forces (SDRF) successfully recovered the boy’s body from the river on Monday around 11 am. The victim, identified as Laishram Wangthoi Meitei, aged 9, hailed from Thoubal Kiyam Siphai in Manipur’s Thoubal district. He was the son of L Kington.

Reports suggest that the incident occurred when young Laishram Wangthoi Meitei attempted to retrieve one of his shoes from the river and was subsequently carried away by the forceful current.

Tragedy struck while the boy was trying to clean himself after engaging in a football match with his friends. Unfortunately, the playful moment turned into a nightmare as he found himself engulfed by the unforgiving waters.

Four of Laishram’s companions were present at the riverside, witnessing the heart-wrenching event as their friend cried out for help amidst the turbulent waters.

In a state of panic and fear, the friends fled the scene, choosing not to disclose the incident to their parents upon reaching home.

The recent heavy rainfall in Manipur has led to increased water levels in its rivers, accompanied by strong currents, contributing to the tragic outcome.



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