Training Begins for Counting Officials in Sikkim’s 2024 General Elections

Counting Officials

Training for counting officials for the upcoming 2024 general elections in Sikkim has commenced in Gangtok. The venue for this essential training is the Conference Hall of the District Administration Centre, where officials are undergoing comprehensive preparations for their pivotal roles in the electoral process.

Led by experienced trainers and election officials, the training sessions are designed to equip counting officials with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure smooth and accurate counting procedures during the election process. The training curriculum includes a range of activities aimed at familiarizing officials with their roles and responsibilities, as well as providing practical insights into the intricacies of the counting process.

One of the key components of the training is a detailed presentation on the roles and duties of counting officials. This presentation covers various aspects of the counting process, including the handling of ballot papers, the verification of votes, and the compilation of results. By gaining a thorough understanding of their responsibilities, officials can effectively carry out their duties with precision and efficiency on election day.

In addition to theoretical instruction, the training program also includes practical sessions where officials have the opportunity to participate in simulated counting exercises. These hands-on activities allow officials to familiarize themselves with the equipment and procedures involved in the counting process, ensuring that they are well-prepared to handle any challenges that may arise on election day.

Furthermore, live demonstrations of the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) counting process are being conducted as part of the training program. This allows officials to observe the EVM counting process in action and gain practical experience in operating the machines, thereby enhancing their confidence and proficiency in handling this critical aspect of the electoral process.

The commencement of training for counting officials marks a significant milestone in the preparation efforts for the 2024 general elections in Sikkim. By ensuring that officials are adequately trained and prepared for their roles, election authorities are taking proactive steps to uphold the integrity and transparency of the electoral process, ultimately contributing to the smooth conduct of free and fair elections in the state.



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