Trango Royal: The Low-Cost, Low-Maintenance EV That is Revolutionizing Urban & Rural Commuting


Trango Royal, the brainchild of enterprising engineers in R&D, is set to make waves in the EV industry. As a low-cost and low-maintenance 2-wheeler EV, Trango Royal offers an affordable and eco-friendly mode of transportation that is accessible to a wide range of consumers.

With a range of 80-160 km on a single charge, Trango Royal is designed to meet the needs of urban & rural commuters. Its high-quality components and advanced technology ensure reliability and longevity, making it a dependable choice for daily transportation.

As per company CEO Mr. Viswanath Kari, One of Trango Royal’s most significant advantages is its affordability. Priced to cater to price-sensitive consumers in developing countries like India, Trango Royal offers an accessible alternative to petrol-based vehicles. Additionally, its low maintenance requirements reduce the overall cost of ownership, making it a smart long-term investment.

Trango Royal’s vision is to create a sustainable and eco-friendly future for the transportation industry. Its electric motor emits zero carbon emissions, making it a green option for consumers. The vehicle’s high-quality batteries are also recyclable and have a longer life cycle than traditional lead-acid batteries, contributing to its eco-friendliness.

Beyond its affordability and eco-friendliness, Trango Royal prioritizes rider comfort and safety. Equipped with a digital instrument cluster, anti-theft alarm, and remote keyless entry, Trango Royal offers a convenient and safe ride. Its suspension system provides a comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads, ensuring that riders reach their destination safely and comfortably.

Lastly, Trango Royal contributes to reducing noise pollution in urban areas, as its electric motor operates silently. This feature makes it an ideal choice for consumers who prefer a peaceful and quiet ride, particularly in congested cities.

Trango Royal is set to be a game-changer in the EV industry, providing an affordable, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance alternative for urban commuters. Its revolutionary features and potential impact on the market make it an exciting addition to the EV industry.

Company is in a plan of expansion the dealership network at PAN India level, interested people can visit their website: for more details.



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