Transformative Initiatives: Imphal’s Infrastructure Development


Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh recently marked a significant milestone by laying the foundation stone for the Imphal Ring Road Project, a monumental endeavor aimed at tackling the pressing issue of traffic congestion in Imphal. With a budget of Rs 1766 crore and support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), this project reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure and improving the lives of its citizens.

Addressing the function, Chief Minister N Biren Singh highlighted the critical need to address the growing problem of traffic congestion, a consequence of the increasing population. The Imphal Ring Road Project, slated for completion by 2026, is a testament to the state government’s dedication to resolving this issue. Singh expressed gratitude to the ADB for their crucial financial assistance, emphasizing the multifaceted benefits this project will bring to the people of Manipur.

In addition to the Imphal Ring Road Project, the Chief Minister shed light on another ambitious initiative – the Lamphelpat Water Body Rejuvenation Project. With an estimated cost of around Rs. 650 crores, this project aims to rejuvenate a vast area encompassing 300 acres for the water body and an additional 140 acres for a recreation center. Singh’s vision extends beyond infrastructure, as he revealed plans to connect the recreation center to the Imphal View Tower at Cheirao Ching through a cable car.

One noteworthy aspect of the Lamphelpat Water Body Rejuvenation Project is its positive impact on the environment. Chief Minister Biren Singh expressed satisfaction at the return of migratory birds to the rejuvenated Lamphel Water Body. This resurgence, after many years, signifies not only the success of the project but also the potential for environmental conservation.

The recent developments in Manipur, particularly the Imphal Ring Road Project and the Lamphelpat Water Body Rejuvenation Project, underscore the state government’s commitment to infrastructure development and environmental conservation. As these projects unfold, they are poised to transform the landscape of Imphal, addressing traffic congestion, providing recreational spaces, and fostering environmental sustainability. Chief Minister N Biren Singh’s leadership and the collaboration with organizations like the ADB showcase a proactive approach toward building a better future for Manipur and its residents.



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