Tribal Body Condemns Non-Tribal NGO Support


In Manipur, a prominent tribal body has raised its voice in staunch opposition, condemning the government for its purported backing of non-tribal Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The organization, representing various tribal communities in the region, expressed deep-seated discontent over what they perceive as the administration’s favoritism towards non-tribal entities.

The body, well-known for advocating the rights and interests of the tribal populace, lambasted the government’s alleged support for non-tribal NGOs, citing concerns about the marginalization and neglect of the indigenous tribal communities. Moreover, they articulated their grievances, highlighting the vital need for prioritizing the welfare and development of the tribal groups that have historically inhabited the region.

The tribal body’s representatives unequivocally denounced the government’s actions, stressing the importance of safeguarding and promoting the indigenous culture, heritage, and livelihoods of the tribal communities. They emphasized that support directed primarily towards non-tribal NGOs could detrimentally impact the unique identity and well-being of the indigenous people.

The issue sparked heated debates and discussions within the region, drawing attention to the perceived imbalance in governmental support and resources distribution. Also, the controversy has resonated across various tribal communities, fueling concerns about the potential dilution of tribal interests in the wake of government-backed initiatives favoring non-tribal organizations.

About The Criticism Faced By Them

This sharp criticism from the tribal body has underscored the simmering tensions and discontent among the indigenous groups in Manipur. It reflects a wider sentiment among the tribal population, expressing a growing sense of alienation and apprehension over the government’s policies that seemingly sideline their interests.

The outcry against the government’s alignment with non-tribal NGOs signals a call for a more equitable and inclusive approach in governance. The tribal body stands as a vanguard in advocating for the preservation of the cultural fabric and the empowerment of indigenous communities, demanding fair and unbiased governmental support that caters to the unique needs of the tribal populace.

The debate will continue, and the tribal people criticism will take a long long time to stop. The battle seems quite tough but anyways they are trying. Moreover, the support must be totally unbiased and they should also get a chance to fight for themselves.



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