Tribal Organization in Manipur Reverses Work Abstention Call


The Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF) in Manipur has withdrawn its call for government employees to cease work, a decision made in response to the suspension of a police head constable allegedly seen in a video alongside armed individuals.

Immediate Reversal for Public Interest

In a recent statement, the ITLF expressed its commitment to the public’s well-being and announced the immediate lifting of the closure of state government offices. This move followed the low attendance witnessed in government offices in Churachandpur and Pherzawl districts, where the ITLF had urged staff members to abstain from work.

While rescinding the work abstention, the ITLF reiterated its demands, including the replacement of the district superintendent of police (SP) and deputy commissioner (DC), as well as the revocation of the suspended head constable’s disciplinary action. The organization stated that these demands had not been addressed by the authorities.

The ITLF expressed regret over the violence that occurred at a government complex in Churachandpur district on February 15. The organization clarified that it had no prior knowledge of the incident and urged individuals to refrain from engaging in such aggressive actions in the future. The ITLF warned of consequences for those involved in any further hostile behavior.

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh condemned the violence, revealing that an individual had been charged for threatening the SP’s life. Repairs were underway for the damaged DC bungalow, and the Chief Minister questioned the motives behind the violence, suggesting a hidden agenda. He assured the safety of government records and initiated a magisterial inquiry to investigate the incident. The inquiry aims to provide a comprehensive report within 30 days, shedding light on the facts and circumstances leading to the violent episode.

The suspension of head constable Siamlalpaul, captured in a viral video with armed individuals and village volunteers, triggered the series of events. Following the suspension, Siamlalpaul was directed to remain at the station without permission to leave, and his pay and allowances were restricted.



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