Tripura Achieves Milestone: Final Voter List Reflects Gender Balance


In a significant stride towards a more inclusive and representative democratic process, the state has unveiled its final voter list following a special summary revision of the electoral roll for the base year on January 1, 2024. The comprehensive data underscores the state’s commitment to fostering gender balance, encouraging youth participation, and maintaining the accuracy of the electoral roll.

The latest voter list reveals a total of 28,56,925 registered voters, marking a noteworthy achievement in promoting diversity and inclusion in the electoral system. Notably, the state has embraced an inclusive approach, with 14,35,172 male voters, 14,21,679 female voters, and 74 individuals identifying as the third gender. A notable improvement in the gender ratio, rising from 989 in the draft list to 991 in the final list, further highlights the state’s dedication to achieving equitable representation.

A key highlight of the special summary revision is the substantial increase in youth participation, with 32,218 new voters aged 18-19 added to the electoral roll. This positive step towards engaging the youth in the democratic process includes 17,454 male voters, 14,758 female voters, and 6 individuals identifying as the third gender. The move signifies a proactive effort to involve the younger generation in shaping the future of the state.

In a bid to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the electoral roll, electoral authorities have diligently removed 13,231 names of deceased voters from the final list. This meticulous process emphasizes the commitment to maintaining the credibility of the democratic system.

The final voter list is now accessible at all polling stations, designated locations, Sub Divisional Magistrate, District Magistrate office, and Tehsil office. Additionally, citizens who missed the special amendment process have the opportunity to enroll in the upcoming update process, scheduled to commence on January 6, 2024, according to Additional Chief Electoral Officer Ushajen Mog.

This announcement underscores the state’s dedication to establishing a fair and inclusive electoral system. The emphasis on gender balance, youth involvement, and accuracy in voter registration reflects a commitment to ensuring that every eligible citizen’s voice is heard in the democratic process. The authorities encourage all eligible citizens to actively participate in the upcoming update process, reinforcing the principles of a vibrant and representative democracy.



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