Tripura Artisans’ Creations to Grace Varanasi, Meenakshi Lekhi Reveals


Meenakshi Lekhi, Union Minister of State for External Affairs & Culture, declared on Friday that the artistic creations from a workshop at Nazrul Kalakshetra in Agartala will soon find a place in various locations across Varanasi, enhancing the aesthetic allure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency.

Workshop Collaboration Spotlights Tripura’s Artistic Prowess

During her visit to Tripura, Lekhi inspected a collaborative sculpture workshop organized by the Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Culture, in partnership with the North East Zone Cultural Centre and Lalitkala Academy.

Minister Lekhi Highlights Cultural Unity and Pride in Heritage

Expressing pride in India’s rich civilization and culture, Minister Lekhi emphasized the significance of mutual respect for diverse languages, religions, and cultures to strengthen national unity. She conveyed that the sculptures crafted in the workshop would soon grace various populated areas in Varanasi.

Meenakshi Lekhi

Commending the collaboration between the Lalitkala Academy of Tripura and the Ministry of Culture, Minister Lekhi praised Tripura’s artists for this historic opportunity to showcase their talents in Varanasi. She stated that it was the first time Tripura’s artists had the chance to display their sculptures in the renowned city.

Recognizing Varanasi as a popular destination with approximately 10 crore visitors annually, Minister Lekhi highlighted that featuring Tripura’s exceptional craftsmanship would not only draw attention to the North Eastern region but also contribute to the state’s tourism.

Workshop Aims for 50 Unique Sculptures

Suman Majumder, the workshop coordinator, revealed that the ongoing workshop has set a goal to create 50 unique sculptures, showcasing the diverse talents of Tripura’s artisans.



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