Tripura Bar Council Initiates Drive to Weed Out Fake Lawyers


The Tripura Bar Council (TBC) has announced its intention to launch a comprehensive survey aimed at identifying and eliminating fake lawyers from the legal system in the state.

Survey Implementation

A senior member of the bar council revealed on Friday that they have reached out to all bar associations across the state to compile a list of lawyers claiming to have obtained their law degrees post-1990.

The decision to initiate the survey stems from concerns raised by some individuals regarding the potential presence of fake lawyers who may have acquired their degrees through illicit means and falsely registered with the Bars.

Bar associations have been given until April 15 to submit the required list, following which a rigorous verification process will be conducted throughout the state.

This initiative is not the first of its kind by the TBC, which has previously taken measures against fake lawyers. However, previous attempts were not entirely successful due to incomplete identification processes.

Once identified, fake lawyers will face serious repercussions, including removal from the Bar Council Roll and legal consequences under the Advocates Act, 1961.

The TBC’s drive to cleanse the legal system underscores its commitment to maintaining the integrity and credibility of the legal profession in Tripura.



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