Tripura BJP General Secretary and Nalchar MLA Kishore Barman Resigns from Party Post

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In a significant development, Kishore Barman, the Tripura BJP General Secretary and Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) representing Nalchar, tendered his resignation from the party post on Monday. This move comes in accordance with the BJP’s ‘one man, one post’ principle, reflecting the party’s commitment to internal organizational discipline.

Kishore Barman had been actively involved in organizational work in West Bengal for a substantial period before being appointed as the party’s General Secretary for Tripura in July 2021. Throughout his tenure as the General Secretary, Barman diligently worked to strengthen the party’s base and bolster its presence in the region.

In a letter addressed to the BJP state president, Rajib Bhattacharjee, Barman expressed gratitude for the opportunity to serve in the capacity of General Secretary. He highlighted the two years of dedicated efforts he had put into fortifying the party’s organizational structure and expanding its outreach in Tripura. Under his leadership, the party witnessed notable growth and success, particularly during the February Assembly election, where Barman himself contested from the Nalchar constituency and emerged victorious. He attributed his success to the unwavering support of the party and the blessings of the people.

By adhering to the ‘one man, one post’ principle, Kishore Barman has set an example of organizational discipline and commitment to the BJP’s internal guidelines. This principle ensures that party leaders do not hold multiple significant positions simultaneously, thus promoting fair representation and equal opportunities for other deserving members.

The resignation of Kishore Barman from his party post will inevitably lead to a reshuffle in the BJP’s leadership in Tripura. The party will now have the task of appointing a new General Secretary who can continue the momentum and build on the foundation laid by Barman during his tenure.

Political observers are keenly watching the developments in the Tripura BJP following Barman’s resignation, as it may have implications on the party’s internal dynamics and future strategies. However, as Barman steps down from his organizational role, he is expected to concentrate on his responsibilities as the elected representative of Nalchar in the State Assembly.

The resignation of a prominent leader like Kishore Barman underscores the BJP’s commitment to upholding its principles and maintaining transparency in its functioning. This move is likely to be seen as a demonstration of the party’s willingness to adhere to ethical practices and ensure a level playing field for all its members.

As the news of Barman’s resignation spreads, discussions about potential successors and the impact on the party’s dynamics are likely to gain momentum. The BJP leadership will now have the opportunity to assess and appoint a new General Secretary, who will play a crucial role in steering the party towards its future endeavors in Tripura.

Kishore Barman’s resignation from the post of Tripura BJP General Secretary marks a significant development in the party’s internal affairs. His adherence to the ‘one man, one post’ principle showcases the BJP’s dedication to maintaining internal discipline and promoting a fair and inclusive political environment. The party will now embark on the task of appointing a new General Secretary to continue the party’s growth and progress in the state.



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