Tripura BJP Leaders, Led by CM Manik Saha, Set to Campaign in West Bengal


Tripura Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha, accompanied by around 40 BJP leaders from the state, including ministers and MLAs, is gearing up to lead the BJP’s campaign efforts in West Bengal for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

BJP Leaders Campaign Locations

According to BJP sources, these 40 leaders from Tripura will conduct extensive campaigns across various locations in West Bengal in preparation for the Lok Sabha elections.

With a significant voter turnout witnessed in Tripura during the recent Lok Sabha elections in the Northeast state, BJP leaders expressed optimism about the party’s chances of securing a substantial victory in West Bengal.

However, sources also revealed the party’s strategic decision to allocate resources to West Bengal, aiming to strengthen the organization and ensure electoral success in the state.

Pointing out parallels between the prolonged rule of the CPI-M in West Bengal and the current governance under the Trinamool Congress (TMC), BJP leaders highlighted instances of fearmongering and neglect of crucial sectors such as industry.



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