Tripura BJP To Launches ‘Har Ghar Abhiyan’ Outreach Programme Before Polls


Ahead of Tripura assembly polls that are due in 2023, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) announced Saturday to start Har Ghar Abhiyan in all 60 districts of the state as of tomorrow.

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Manik Saha, all-around improvement has taken in respect to law and order, road construction, connectivity, and employment. The government has also generated peace beside the growth of conviction rate is higher than the previous reign of Left government,” the BJP Tripura Pradesh press release said.

The campaign will start on 27 November and run until 3 December and will reach all karyakartas, voters, and people in the targeted areas.

As per the release, all the ministers, MPs, and MLAs will visit each and every constituency and prepare report cards against each constituency. It will raise awareness of the BJP’s development work in the state so that they can decide whether the government has actually worked or not.

The BJP claimed that his government would be restored to the state, with all 60 seats in the 2023 assembly elections.