Tripura Celebrated for Transparency and Achievements in Central Schemes: CM Dr. Manik Saha


Tripura Chief Minister, Dr. Manik Saha, proudly declared Tripura as one of the least corrupt states, attributing its success in various centrally sponsored schemes to this distinction. He shared insights from his interactions with leaders during visits to Raipur and Bhopal, where all praised Tripura’s remarkable progress in central schemes.

During the inaugural speech at the offer distribution ceremony for newly selected Group C officials across 20 departments, Dr. Saha emphasized the significance of the newly recruited officials. He urged them to maintain neutrality in their service, considering themselves as the face of the government and providing essential services to those who did not secure government jobs.

Addressing the officials, Dr. Saha highlighted the pivotal role of Group C staff in the administration, stating that they are the soul of the system. While acknowledging the transition from paper files to e-files, he emphasized that the essence of the Group C staff’s job remains unchanged. They play a crucial role as the files move through them, ensuring the smooth functioning of the administrative machinery.

Dr. Saha encouraged the officials to work as umpires and referees, ensuring that benefits are extended to all. He emphasized the importance of delivering services with the utmost dedication and principles set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Chief Minister’s remarks showcased Tripura’s commitment to transparency and efficient governance, setting a positive tone for the newly recruited officials as they embark on their roles in public service.

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