Tripura Chief Minister’s Inspiring Campaign for Voluntary Blood Donation to Tackle Blood Scarcity

Tripura CM Manik Saha in Blood Donation Camp

Tripura Chief Minister, Prof. Dr. Manik Saha, took center stage in an inspiring campaign to stress the importance of voluntary blood donation as a social responsibility. Addressing a large gathering at the Tripura Poura Karmachari Sangha, the Chief Minister passionately highlighted the acute crisis faced by the state’s blood banks during the last assembly election and how his government is taking proactive measures to ensure a steady supply of blood by organizing voluntary blood donation camps.

Dr. Saha began his address by making a heartfelt appeal to all citizens, urging them to come forward and play an active role in mitigating the blood scarcity prevailing in the state. His call was met with overwhelming response as people from all walks of life turned up in large numbers to voluntarily donate blood, a testament to the solidarity and compassion of the people of Tripura.

“Blood donation is a precious gift, a godsend within our bodies. By donating blood, we can save the lives of ailing patients and contribute to the welfare of society at large,” stated the Chief Minister with unwavering conviction.

He emphasized the vital role of blood donation for patients suffering from Thalassemia and anemia, whose lives depend on regular blood transfusions. Moreover, Dr. Saha stressed the necessity of maintaining an adequate supply of blood in the state’s blood banks to cater to emergency medical situations and to support doctors in conducting life-saving surgeries effectively.

A critical aspect the Chief Minister emphasized was the need for negative (-) blood units and Rhesus factor blood, which are only found in a small percentage of the population. He reiterated the importance of storing such rare blood types in blood banks to meet the urgent requirements of patients with specific blood groups. This approach would be instrumental in bridging the gap between demand and supply during critical times.

Proudly reflecting on the achievements of the past year, Dr. Saha revealed that around 42,000 units of blood were collected through voluntary donations in the 2022-23 financial year. He expressed the government’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the same momentum this year to ensure a sufficient and stable blood supply throughout the state.

The voluntary blood donation drive was graced by the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including BJP state president Rajib Bhattacharya and AMC Mayor Dipak Majumder, who wholeheartedly supported the cause and commended the Chief Minister’s dedication to resolving the blood scarcity issue.

In closing, Dr. Saha underscored the significance of voluntary blood donation as not only a noble act but also a fundamental social responsibility. He highlighted the numerous benefits associated with this selfless act and expressed gratitude to all donors who came forward to contribute towards saving lives.

The Chief Minister’s heartfelt campaign for voluntary blood donation received widespread appreciation from the public and various stakeholders. His unwavering dedication and leadership in tackling the pressing issue of blood scarcity have instilled hope and confidence in the community. With such collective efforts, Tripura is poised to build a robust and reliable blood supply network, setting a commendable example for other states to follow.



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