Tripura CM Biplab Deb Criticizes Congress’s Silence on Past Governance

CM Biplab Deb

Biplab Deb, the Chief Minister of Tripura and a prominent leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has criticized the Congress party for its silence on what he refers to as the “dark governance” days in Tripura’s history. Deb’s remarks come amidst growing political tension in the state ahead of the upcoming elections, with both the BJP and the Congress vying for electoral supremacy.

In a recent statement, Deb accused the Congress party of turning a blind eye to the alleged mismanagement and corruption that characterized previous administrations in Tripura. He highlighted what he described as the “dark governance” days, referring to the period before the BJP came to power in the state in 2018.

According to Deb, the Congress party has failed to acknowledge or address the challenges and shortcomings of its own governance during its time in power in Tripura. He accused the Congress of conveniently overlooking issues such as corruption, nepotism, and poor governance that plagued the state under its rule.

Deb’s comments reflect the ongoing political rivalry between the BJP and the Congress in Tripura, where both parties are seeking to gain an edge ahead of the upcoming elections. The BJP, which currently holds power in the state, is aiming to secure a second consecutive term, while the Congress is hoping to make significant gains and challenge the ruling party’s dominance.

The Chief Minister’s remarks have sparked a heated debate within Tripura’s political circles, with members of the Congress party refuting his allegations and accusing the BJP of engaging in political mudslinging. Congress leaders have defended their party’s record and accused the BJP of attempting to deflect attention from its own failures and shortcomings in governance.

As the political rhetoric intensifies in Tripura, both the BJP and the Congress are expected to ramp up their campaign efforts in the run-up to the elections. Deb’s comments serve as a preview of the key issues and themes that are likely to shape the electoral discourse in the state in the coming months.

Overall, Deb’s criticism of the Congress party’s silence on the alleged “dark governance” days underscores the intense political competition and polarization in Tripura. With the elections on the horizon, political tensions are running high as both parties vie for the support of the electorate and seek to gain the upper hand in the battle for power.



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