Tripura CM Stresses Transparency in Good Governance Day Address


Tripura Chief Minister, Prof. Dr. Manik Saha, delivered a significant message on Good Governance Day, urging state government officials to prioritize transparency in their work. The Chief Minister highlighted the importance of ensuring that citizens seamlessly access government benefits, emphasizing that transparent governance is key to fostering a robust relationship between the government and the public.

Inauguration of Tripura Institution for Transformation (TIFT)

On this occasion, the Chief Minister inaugurated the Tripura Institution for Transformation (TIFT) located at S. P Mukherjee Lane in Agartala. Notably, Tripura stands among the pioneering states to operationalize the State Institution for Transformation (SIT).

Comprehensive Units Under TIFT

TIFT incorporates essential units such as a Project Implementation Unit, Monitoring & Evaluation and Data Analytics Unit, and a Media Monitoring Unit. Additionally, it features a CM Dashboard modeled after Gujarat’s framework, a CM War Room for monitoring major projects, flagship schemes, and citizen services, along with a video conferencing facility spanning all Districts, Subdivisions, and Block offices.

Chief Minister Dr. Saha reiterated that the essence of good governance lies in ensuring citizens transparently access all government benefits. He emphasized the need for citizens to believe that the government works for everyone’s welfare.

Embracing Transparency for Public Trust

Drawing inspiration from Prime Minister Modi’s initiatives, including encouraging bank account openings with zero balance, Chief Minister Saha expressed gratitude for the protection provided under PM Modi’s leadership. He affirmed that the state government follows PM Modi’s directives and stressed the importance of transparent work practices. The CM highlighted that transparency is a top priority, emphasizing the newly established war room and data collection hub for improved connectivity with citizens.



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