Tripura CM Warns Against Revival of Syndicate Culture, Emphasizes BJP’s Commitment to Transparent Governance


Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha has issued a warning to those attempting to revive the syndicate culture in their locality, stating that any such behavior will be dealt with seriously. Speaking at a gathering of party workers in Udaipur, Saha emphasized that the Congress and CPI(M) used to follow this culture, but the BJP government is in power now and would not tolerate any such behavior.

The Chief Minister expressed his appreciation for the dedication of the party workers, which he believes was instrumental in the BJP’s victory in the last election. He urged them to remain alert against any attempts to misguide them by vested interest people and to work towards making Tripura a model for the nation.

Saha stressed that those holding portfolios have a greater responsibility and must carry out their duties earnestly. He cited his own experience, stating that one must start working from the booth level, which provides a significant opportunity to connect with people at the grassroots level.

The Chief Minister’s warning against the revival of the syndicate culture in Tripura reflects the BJP’s commitment to ensuring fair and transparent governance in the state. The BJP’s victory in the last election was a result of the party’s emphasis on development, transparency, and accountability, and Saha’s call to party workers to remain vigilant against any attempt to derail these efforts underscores the importance of these principles.

Saha’s call to make Tripura a model for the nation is an ambitious goal, but it is one that reflects the aspirations of the people of the state. The Chief Minister’s emphasis on working from the booth level highlights the BJP’s grassroots approach to governance and underscores the party’s commitment to connecting with people at all levels of society.

Saha’s speech highlights the BJP’s commitment to transparent and accountable governance in Tripura and serves as a call to action for party workers to work towards making the state a model for the rest of the country.



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