Tripura Congress Gears Up for Lok Sabha Polls with Manifesto Committee Formation


In preparation for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) took a strategic step by unveiling an eight-member manifesto committee on Saturday. In a statement released by a party representative, it was disclosed that Manik Deb, a seasoned party leader, has been appointed as the committee’s head.

Committee Formation Signals Election Focus

The formation of this manifesto committee underscores the party’s commitment to a well-thought-out approach as they gear up for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. The decision to entrust the leadership of this crucial committee to Manik Deb, known for his experience and acumen, highlights the importance attached to the upcoming electoral battle.

Key Objectives of the Manifesto Committee

As outlined by TPCC President Asish Kumar Saha, the primary objective of the manifesto committee is to facilitate extensive discussions among senior party members. Their aim is to craft a comprehensive set of at least 10 impactful programs that will form the core of the party’s manifesto for the upcoming elections.

Timeline and Reporting

Saha revealed that the committee is expected to conclude its deliberations and present its findings to the TPCC by the end of January. Following this, the compiled recommendations and proposed programs will be forwarded to the All India Congress Committee (AICC) for further review and consideration.

District-Level Committees Mobilize Membership Drive

In addition to the manifesto committee formation, Saha disclosed that district-level committees have received directives to kickstart a membership drive across the state. This grassroots-level initiative aims to strengthen the party’s presence and engage a wider section of the population in the democratic process.

Looking Ahead to a Robust Electoral Strategy

With the Lok Sabha polls on the horizon, the TPCC’s proactive measures, from the formation of the manifesto committee to the grassroots membership drive, signal a comprehensive and strategic electoral approach. The emphasis on including diverse viewpoints in the manifesto and expanding the party’s reach at the district level aligns with the broader goal of ensuring a robust and inclusive electoral strategy.



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