Tripura Congress MLA Claims Strong Organization Despite Challenges


Sudip Roy Barman, former Tripura Minister, and Congress MLA expressed confidence in the party’s organizational strength despite the state’s current difficulties. He emphasized that the upcoming Lok Sabha election would be an opportunity for the people to remove the BJP from power.

Barman’s remarks came after a meeting in Belonia, where he and other party members discussed strategies for the upcoming elections and the current state of the Congress.

Focus on Issues and Outreach:

The meeting focused on strengthening the party organization and addressing critical issues like rising unemployment, economic struggles, and increasing prices of essential goods. Barman emphasized the need for Congress workers to reach out to the public and raise awareness about these concerns.

Barman accused a section of the media, allegedly backed by the BJP, of spreading misinformation to divert attention from the country’s problems. He also claimed that the BJP government has weakened the four pillars of democracy and restricted people’s rights.

Barman expressed his belief that the people of Tripura and India would respond decisively in the upcoming elections. He confirmed that the Congress will field candidates and contest the polls, along with the INDI alliance.

Despite acknowledging a sense of fear in the state, Barman highlighted the Congress party’s strong organizational structure and the fighting spirit among its workers. He even hinted at potential dissent within the BJP, suggesting that “genuine BJP workers” might support the Congress.



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