ULFA-I Revokes Death Sentence: Alleged Spy Reprieved


In a surprising turn of events, the United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I) has decided to revoke the death sentence of Manash Borgohain, the alleged “Assam police spy.” The announcement of this decision was made on Monday, February 19.

Disqualification and Alternative Sentencing

While sparing Borgohain from the ultimate punishment, the Paresh Baruah-led outfit has, however, disqualified him from ULFA-I membership for a substantial period of five years. Instead of facing the gallows, Borgohain has been sentenced to one year of physical labor and four years of self-correction through the promotion of a “positive work culture.”

Interestingly, despite his disqualification, the ULFA-I assures that Borgohain will still enjoy all the constitutional privileges granted to revolutionary fighters. This unique combination of disciplinary actions raises questions about the internal dynamics of the ULFA-I and its approach to handling alleged spies within its ranks.

According to the ULFA-I, Manash Borgohain, a sub-inspector of the special branch of Assam police, has been actively serving since 2021. The outfit implicates high-ranking police officials, including DGP GP Singh and DIG Partha Sarathi Mahanta, in the alleged espionage scheme.

The revelation goes further as Manas Chaliha, a notorious criminal and zonal officer of the special branch, reportedly disclosed that he and several other indigenous youths underwent training for the operation. The training sessions took place at three different locations in Guwahati, highlighting the level of organization and planning involved in the alleged espionage activities.

A trial conducted on February 13 this year played a crucial role in shaping the fate of Manash Borgohain. The investigation report and confessions documented in the charge sheet were thoroughly examined during the trial. Despite being given ample opportunities to refute the court’s findings, Borgohain chose to plead guilty.

The ULFA-I emphasizes that Borgohain’s case exemplifies a pursuit of wealth and power, condemning the reprehensibility of deceit as a profession. The severity of treasonous acts against the organization is underscored, pointing to the potential consequences of betrayal within the ranks of the ULFA-I.



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