Tripura Drug Crackdown: Assam Rifles Eradicate Rs. 1 Crore Marijuana Plantations


In a concerted effort against the drug trade, the Assam Rifles, in collaboration with State Police and Tripura State Rifles, successfully destroyed 30,000 illicit marijuana plantations in General Area Lembucherra, Tripura. Valued at Rs. 1.05 crore, this joint operation aimed to curb the cultivation of illegal substances in the region.

The Headquarters Inspector General of Assam Rifles (HQ IGAR) (East) announced on Sunday that the operation was part of the ongoing battle against drugs and unauthorized marijuana plantations. The statement detailed the destruction and incineration of nearly 30,000 fully grown illegal marijuana plants, estimated to be worth around Rs. 1.05 crore in the market.

In a related development, the Assam Rifles apprehended two drug dealers earlier in the week in General Area Patharkandi, falling under the jurisdiction of the Patharkandi police station in the Karimganj district of Assam. The arrests led to the seizure of 22,000 Yaba tablets, with an estimated value of Rs. 3.8 crore.

Apart from the confiscated Yaba tablets, the Assam Rifles discovered a mobile phone valued at Rs. 20,000 and Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) amounting to Rs. 10,500 in possession of the drug dealers. These strategic operations are part of ongoing efforts to combat drug-related activities and maintain law and order in the region.



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