Tripura Faces Political Turmoil as Opposition Parties Dispute CPIM’s Candidate Announcement


Tripura is witnessing political upheaval as the announcement of candidates by the Tripura CPIM (Communist Party of India-Marxist) for the upcoming by-elections has sparked discord among opposition parties. The Pradesh Congress Committee has expressed its dismay, alleging that the move was made without prior consultation and discussions among the opposition factions.

The by-elections, slated for September 5, are scheduled for the Boxanagar and Dhanpur Assembly constituencies located in Tripura’s Sepahijala district. As the election date looms, key opposition players, including CPIM, Congress, and TIPRA Motha, convened a crucial meeting to strategize their approaches.

While both Congress and TIPRA Motha have opted to maintain an air of suspense by withholding the release of their candidates’ lists, the CPIM has taken an early lead by unveiling their chosen contenders. This move, however, has not been received well by the broader opposition coalition.

Asish Kumar Saha, the President of Pradesh Congress Committee, has expressed strong dissent. He criticized the CPIM’s decision as rushed and lacking thoughtful deliberation. Saha emphasized the importance of taking ample time to thoroughly consider all perspectives before making significant announcements.

“The CPIM has declared the names of its candidates for the assembly seats. Personally, I believe that the CPIM declared their candidates’ names hastily. They could have taken more time to think it through. It would have been better if the decision was based on everyone’s opinion. Nonetheless, we have conveyed all these concerns to our high command, and we will take the next steps based on their directions. In the recently held meeting, it was decided to unite and fight against the BJP, but the CPIM didn’t engage in any discussion before announcing the candidates’ names,” remarked Asish.

As Tripura gears up for these consequential by-elections, the controversy surrounding CPIM’s candidate announcement adds a layer of complexity to an already competitive political landscape. The outcome of these contests will undoubtedly shape the region’s political trajectory in the months to come.



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