Tripura: Father Sells 1.5-Day-Old Daughter for Rs. 30,000,Rescued After 2 Days


Khowai District Administration Rescues Infant Sold by Father

In a distressing incident, a father sells a 1.5-day-old daughter for Rs. 30,000 in Tripura’s Banshipara area has been successfully rescued by the Khowai District Administration. The father, Khuken Debbarma, executed the transaction on November 23, citing financial challenges faced by the family. The dramatic rescue unfolded in Karbook under the Gomati District, 5.5 km on foot from the road, navigating through dense jungle paths and rivers.

Father Sells Child Due to Financial Struggles, Successful Recovery by Authorities

Khowai District Magistrate Chandni Chandran revealed that the mother while expressing the desire to part with the baby, had promised the infant to a childless couple. The couple, in turn, paid Rs. 30,000 to cover expenses related to the delivery and took custody of the child. The mother, remaining intent on giving up the child, resides in a remote area accessible only through challenging terrains.

Despite the complexities of the situation, the administration, with commendable efforts from the Child Development Project Officer of Teliamura Sub-divisional and Childline, successfully recovered the infant. Chandran acknowledged the unwavering commitment of these officials in ensuring the safe rescue of the child.

This incident sheds light on the challenges faced by families in economically challenging situations and the need for proactive measures to address underlying issues leading to such distressing decisions. The authorities’ prompt response and dedication to child welfare have prevented a tragic outcome, emphasizing the importance of community and administrative collaboration in ensuring child safety and well-being.



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