Tripura Gears Up for Winter Session: Two Key Bills on the Horizon


Tripura is set to witness the commencement of its winter Tripura Legislative Assembly session on January 5, according to an announcement by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ratan Lal Nath. The session, slated to last for five days, will adjourn on January 11, as unanimously agreed upon during the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting convened on Thursday.

Traditional Commencement and Governor’s Address

The BAC meeting began with a somber note as Minister Nath extended condolences for the recent demise of former minister and MLA Surajit Datta.

In line with tradition, the first legislative session of the English year typically starts with an address by the Governor. Governor Indrasena Reddy Nallu is scheduled to deliver the inaugural address on January 5.

Minister Nath acknowledged that while the house could potentially be adjourned within three days due to limited business, a decision was made to extend the session to five days. This extension aims to provide sufficient time for members to thoroughly discuss the Governor’s speech and engage in comprehensive deliberations.

Key Legislation on the Agenda

Adding significance to the upcoming session, Minister Nath unveiled the Tripura government’s plan to introduce two crucial bills. The proposed bills are the Tripura State Rifle Fourth Amendment Bill and the Tripura State Goods and Services Tax Seventh Amendment Bill.

Looking Ahead: Anticipated Discussions and Proceedings

The winter session approaches, there is anticipation surrounding the discussions that will unfold, especially concerning the bills slated for the introduction. The extended duration of the session reflects a commitment to fostering meaningful debates and deliberations among the legislative members.



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