Communal Harmony Disrupted: Hindu Right-wing Youths Vandalize Assam Petrol Pump


In a concerning turn of events, a Hindu right-wing group has been accused of vandalizing a petrol pump in Nalbari district, Lower Assam, following the establishment’s Christmas decorations. The incident unfolded at the Ohma Energy Station, a BPCL petrol pump at Satra, under the Ghograpar Police station.

Christmas Decorations Sparked Confrontation

Around 7:30 pm, four youths associated with the Hindu right-wing group entered the petrol pump and objected to the Christmas decorations, which included festive lights, stars, and Christmas trees. The situation escalated when the staff resisted the demands to remove the decorations.

CCTV footage captured the confrontation, revealing the youths tearing down the Christmas decorations and even threatening to set the petrol pump ablaze. In an alarming move, they also attempted to damage the dispensing machine.

Police Intervention and Investigation

The police were called to the scene, where they discovered the damaged decorations and meter. The petrol pump management filed two separate complaints with the Ghograpar police station. However, as of now, no FIR has been registered. Nalbari SP Supriya Roy has assured a thorough investigation and appropriate legal actions.

“We are currently investigating the incident, and appropriate actions will be taken in accordance with the law. A case will be registered in due course,” said Nalbari SP Supriya Roy.

Concerns for Communal Harmony

The incident has raised concerns about respecting diverse celebrations and maintaining communal harmony. The petrol pump management issued a statement expressing their commitment to inclusivity, citing their practice of decorating for various festivals and national days.

The statement emphasized the petrol pump’s role in contributing to the festive spirit of the community and condemned the incident as contrary to the values of secularism and inclusion. Despite the setback, the management reaffirmed their dedication to promoting understanding and respect for all, urging collective efforts toward a more inclusive and harmonious future for the Northeast and the entire nation.



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