Tripura Government Allocates Rs 23.21 Crore for Cyclone-Affected Farmers

Tripura govt

The Tripura government has announced a significant relief package of Rs 23.21 crore to support farmers affected by Cyclone Medhili, which struck the state in late 2023. This comprehensive aid aims to assist approximately 81,000 farmers whose livelihoods were severely disrupted by the cyclone’s devastating impact.

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb stated that the relief package is a crucial step in ensuring the recovery and rehabilitation of the agricultural sector, which is vital to the state’s economy. The funds will be distributed through various schemes and direct benefit transfers, ensuring that the support reaches those in need promptly.

Agriculture Minister Pranajit Singha Roy elaborated on the distribution process, highlighting that the government has already begun the identification and verification of affected farmers. The relief measures include financial assistance for purchasing seeds, fertilizers, and other essential inputs, as well as compensation for damaged crops. This initiative is designed to help farmers resume their agricultural activities without further delay and restore their income sources.

The relief package also includes provisions for rebuilding infrastructure that was damaged by the cyclone. This includes repairing irrigation systems, rural roads, and storage facilities, which are crucial for maintaining the supply chain and ensuring that farmers can transport their produce to markets. The government aims to not only provide immediate relief but also to enhance the resilience of the agricultural sector against future natural disasters.

Farmers across the state have expressed their gratitude for the government’s swift response. Many have shared their relief at the announcement, emphasizing how the financial support will enable them to recover from the losses incurred during the cyclone. Local farmer associations have praised the government’s proactive approach and the comprehensive nature of the relief package.

The Tripura government’s commitment to supporting its farmers in times of crisis underscores the importance of the agricultural sector in the state’s economy. By providing timely assistance and focusing on long-term resilience, the government hopes to safeguard the livelihoods of its farming communities and ensure sustainable development.

As the relief measures are rolled out, the administration will continue to monitor the situation closely, ensuring that the allocated funds are used effectively and transparently. This relief package marks a significant step towards rebuilding and strengthening Tripura’s agricultural sector in the aftermath of Cyclone Medhili.



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