Joint Security Operation in Jiribam Aims to Restore Peace Amid Ongoing Violence


In a concerted effort to quell ongoing violence and arson in Jiribam, a substantial joint operation was launched involving 100 security personnel from Assam Rifles, CRPF, and Manipur Police. The operation, aimed at restoring peace and security in the troubled region, has been met with approval from the local community.

The operation was meticulously planned and executed, reflecting the collaborative efforts of the security forces. Over the past few weeks, Jiribam has witnessed a surge in violent incidents and arson, creating an atmosphere of fear and instability among residents. The presence of such a large contingent of security personnel was intended to reassure the public and send a strong message to the miscreants that law and order would be firmly maintained.

Colonel Rajeev Kumar of Assam Rifles, leading the operation, emphasized the importance of the joint effort. “Our primary objective is to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Jiribam. We are working closely with CRPF and Manipur Police to restore normalcy and bring the perpetrators to justice,” he stated.

The operation involved intensive patrolling, establishing checkpoints, and conducting searches in areas identified as hotspots for criminal activities. The security forces demonstrated coordination and efficiency, quickly addressing any signs of unrest and preventing further incidents of violence.

Manipur Police Superintendent, Anil Kumar, highlighted the significance of community support in such operations. “The cooperation of local residents has been crucial. Their willingness to share information and support our efforts has greatly aided our mission,” he said. Kumar also reassured the public that the security forces would remain vigilant and continue their efforts until peace is fully restored.

Locals expressed their relief and gratitude for the security forces’ intervention. Many have lived in constant fear due to the escalating violence and welcomed the robust response from the authorities. “We hope this operation marks the beginning of a safer and more secure environment for all of us,” said Ranjit Singh, a resident of Jiribam.

The joint operation in Jiribam underscores the commitment of Assam Rifles, CRPF, and Manipur Police to maintaining law and order and protecting the community. As the situation stabilizes, security forces remain steadfast in their resolve to uphold peace and security in the region.



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