Tripura Initiates Steps for Self-Sufficiency in Fodder Production

Animal Resources Development Department

Minister Sudhangshu Das of the Animal Resources Development Department has announced that the Tripura state government has initiated steps to become self-sufficient in fodder production. This move aims to strengthen the rural economy and make rural people self-reliant through animal husbandry.

Das emphasized that increasing fodder production is crucial for supporting dairy and livestock farming, which are vital components of Tripura’s agricultural landscape. The government’s strategy includes promoting modern farming techniques, providing subsidies for fodder cultivation, and ensuring access to high-quality seeds and agricultural inputs. Awareness campaigns and training programs are also being conducted to educate farmers on sustainable farming practices and efficient fodder management.

Additionally, the state is investing in infrastructure development for fodder storage and distribution to ensure consistent availability throughout the year. These initiatives have already shown promising results, with increased fodder production reported across various districts. Farmers have welcomed these efforts, highlighting their potential to improve livestock health and boost agricultural productivity.

Looking forward, Minister Das reiterated Tripura’s commitment to achieving complete self-sufficiency in fodder production. He emphasized the importance of leveraging technology and sustainable practices to enhance productivity and resilience in the agricultural sector. By empowering farmers and enhancing fodder availability, Tripura aims to create a robust agricultural ecosystem that supports rural livelihoods and contributes to overall economic growth.

The state’s proactive approach towards fodder production reflects its dedication to advancing agricultural sustainability and fostering self-reliance among rural communities.



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