Tripura Minister Refutes Opposition’s Privatization Allegations of Government Hospital

Minister Sushanta Choudhury

Tourism Minister Sushanta Choudhury has issued a robust rebuttal to accusations made by Leader of Opposition Jitendra Choudhury regarding the alleged privatization of a fully operational government medical college and hospital. In response to a letter from the opposition leader, Minister Choudhury vehemently denied the claims, asserting that there are no plans whatsoever to hand over the hospital to any private entity.

Addressing the concerns raised, Minister Choudhury clarified that the government remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining the public healthcare system. He emphasized that the medical college and hospital in question play a pivotal role in providing essential healthcare services to the people of Tripura, and there is no intention to privatize or transfer its management to private hands.

Furthermore, Minister Choudhury underscored the government’s ongoing efforts to enhance healthcare infrastructure and services across the state. He highlighted recent investments and initiatives aimed at improving facilities, expanding healthcare access, and ensuring quality medical care for all residents of Tripura.

The minister’s response comes amidst growing public concern and political debate over the future management of critical healthcare institutions. He reassured the public that any decisions regarding healthcare facilities would prioritize the welfare and interests of the people, with transparency and accountability at the forefront of governance.

Leader of Opposition Jitendra Choudhury had previously expressed apprehensions over the alleged privatization move, citing potential consequences for public healthcare accessibility and affordability. However, Minister Choudhury’s statement aims to dispel these fears, affirming the government’s dedication to maintaining public ownership and management of essential healthcare infrastructure.

Minister Sushanta Choudhury’s forceful rebuttal stands as a reaffirmation of the government’s commitment to preserving public healthcare institutions in Tripura. As discussions continue surrounding healthcare policies and reforms, the minister’s assurances seek to reassure the public of the government’s unwavering support for accessible and quality healthcare services across the state.



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