Tripura Launches Month-Long Campaign to Eliminate Plastic Pollution

Tripura Launches Month-Long Campaign to Eliminate Plastic Pollution

Tripura’s Chief Minister, Dr. Manik Saha, inaugurated the Plastic Mukta Tripura Abhijan, a month-long campaign aimed at eradicating plastic pollution in the state. The program, organized by the Tripura Pollution Control Board under the Science, Technology, and Environment Department, commenced with an event held at the Town Hall on Saturday and will run until August 14. During the inauguration, the Chief Minister emphasized the importance of active public participation to make the state free from the menace of plastic pollution.

Dr. Saha highlighted the severe threat posed by single-use plastics to our civilization and stressed the need for creating public awareness regarding the adverse effects of such plastics on our health. He urged individuals to keep their homes and surrounding areas clean and advised against littering. Instead, he encouraged people to dispose of waste in designated locations.

The Chief Minister emphasized that single-use plastics consist of approximately 13,000 chemicals, with 3,200 of them being harmful to our bodies. He stressed the importance of being aware of the negative effects of plastic pollution and remaining vigilant. Dr. Saha called for the organization of anti-plastic awareness programs in schools, colleges, and villages, emphasizing the necessity of raising awareness at various levels of society.

The Plastic Mukta Tripura Abhijan aims to tackle the issue of plastic pollution holistically. By raising awareness about the adverse effects of single-use plastics, promoting responsible waste disposal, and advocating for cleaner living environments, the campaign hopes to bring about a significant reduction in plastic waste generation and protect the state’s ecosystems.

The Chief Minister’s call for active participation in this initiative signals the importance of collective effort in combating plastic pollution. By encouraging citizens to take part and organizing awareness programs throughout Tripura, the government aims to instill a sense of responsibility and ownership among the population to safeguard the environment for future generations.

The Plastic Mukta Tripura Abhijan represents a crucial step towards addressing the plastic pollution crisis in the state. Through sustained efforts and a collaborative approach involving the government, organizations, educational institutions, and individuals, Tripura aims to become a role model for other regions in the fight against plastic pollution.



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