Tripura: Major Ganja Destruction Drive Conducted in Sepahijala District


Agartala, January 2, 2024: In a significant crackdown on illegal cultivation, a joint operation was carried out today by Sepahijala district Police, the TSR contingent of the 11th Battalion, KTDS PTA, and ACRRTC BN (Men and Women) to destroy approximately 84,000 immature Ganja plants. The operation covered an extensive 42 acres of forest lands at various locations.

The coordinated efforts aimed at eradicating the illegal cultivation of Ganja, a controlled substance, from the region. The drive was initiated in response to the rising concerns about the cultivation and distribution of narcotics, posing a threat to the community’s well-being.

Law enforcement agencies were vigilant and successfully identified and targeted areas where Ganja cultivation was rampant. The destruction of the immature plants was carried out on the spot, ensuring a swift response to curb the illegal activities.

The operation signifies a strong commitment from the authorities to combat the illicit cultivation and trade of drugs in the region. It is part of ongoing efforts to maintain law and order, protect public health, and eliminate the negative impact of narcotics on society.

Officials expressed satisfaction with the success of the joint operation and emphasized the importance of continued collaboration between various agencies to address the root causes of drug-related issues. The destruction of the Ganja plants is expected to disrupt the supply chain and act as a deterrent to those involved in the illegal cultivation of controlled substances.



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