Tripura Man Arrested for Alleged Role in Human Trafficking


Government Railway Police (GRP) in Tripura has apprehended Jhutan Dutta, a young man allegedly involved in human trafficking. Dutta was arrested from Matai area in Belonia sub-division of South District following a meticulous operation conducted by Agartala GRP.

The arrest came after four Bangladeshi women were intercepted by GRP officials at Agartala railway station for illegally crossing the border into the state. The women were subsequently taken into custody and during interrogation, they revealed Dutta’s involvement in aiding their illegal entry.

Officer-in-charge Tapas Das of Agartala GRP police station confirmed, “Jhutan Dutta, residing in Matai area under Belonia police station, assisted the detained Bangladeshi women in entering the state illegally.”

Authorities disclosed that Dutta has a prior criminal record, including a pending case at the Guwahati branch of the National Investigation Agency (NIA). His apprehension marks a significant development in the ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking in the region.

Human trafficking remains a serious concern in Tripura, particularly with the state sharing a porous border with Bangladesh. Law enforcement agencies have intensified efforts to curb such illegal activities, conducting frequent surveillance and crackdown operations to apprehend perpetrators.

The GRP’s swift action in apprehending Dutta underscores their commitment to preventing illegal border crossings and protecting vulnerable individuals from exploitation. Authorities are expected to continue their investigation to dismantle any associated networks and ensure justice for victims of human trafficking.

The case highlights the importance of collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies and border security forces to strengthen border controls and prevent unauthorized entry into the country. Ensuring stringent enforcement of laws and enhancing border security measures are essential steps in addressing the challenges posed by human trafficking in Tripura and safeguarding the integrity of national borders.



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