Tripura : Mass Rally Demands Inclusion of Roman Script for Kokborok – Thousands of Students Join Forces


Agartala was ablaze with energy and passion today as thousands of students came together to participate in a massive rally organized by the Tipra Indigenous Students Federation (TISF). The purpose of the rally was to demand the inclusion of the Roman script for Kokborok, the native language of the indigenous communities in Tripura.

Under the scorching sun, the streets were filled with a sea of young faces, chanting slogans and carrying placards advocating for their cause. The air reverberated with their unified voices, echoing their unwavering determination to fight for linguistic justice.

Kokborok, which holds immense cultural significance, has long been written in the Bengali script. However, the students and activists passionately argue that using the Roman script will not only make the language more accessible but also help preserve and promote its heritage among the younger generation.

The rally served as a powerful platform for the students to voice their grievances and make their demands known to the authorities. They firmly believe that the inclusion of the Roman script will not only benefit the indigenous communities but also foster a sense of inclusivity and unity within the state.

Amidst the crowd, young leaders emerged, delivering passionate speeches that resonated with the attendees. Their words were filled with hope, determination, and a strong belief in the power of change.

The rally garnered attention from local and national media, drawing the public’s focus to the plight of the indigenous communities and their fight for linguistic rights. It is expected that this display of unity and determination will put pressure on the authorities to consider the demands put forth by the students.

As the students continue their peaceful yet powerful protests, the hope for a brighter future, where the Roman script finds its place in Kokborok, remains at the forefront of their collective spirit.



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