Tripura Might Prevent A New COVID-19 Outbreak Because Of Hybrid Immunity

COVID In Tripura

According to Dr. Tapan Majumder, Tripura may not see another wave of COVID-19 since individuals have mostly built up sufficient hybrid immunity from the previous three waves. He is the director of the department of microbiology at Agartala Government Medical College in Tripura.

He stated that hybrid immunity refers to the body having adequate antibodies that have grown organically as a result of both viral and vaccination exposure. He further advised the citizens to closely follow COVID-19 preventative steps for their safety.

Tripura is among the top performers in India’s performance in the immunization program. Additionally. Even while the virus became less severe, people who contracted it during the COVID wave still had adequate antibodies in their systems.

The administration is concerned to enforce COVID-19 strict rules at this time because it might result in unintended negative consequences for the people. He would advise everyone to take the preventative dosage of the vaccine too and said that 25% of patients have already taken the third dose in the state of Tripura.

Dr. Tapan Majumder responded on the state’s preparation and said that the state administration has chosen to conduct 2% random testing of overseas travelers. Testing will likely start at the Churaibari inter-state border and the Akhaura Integrated Check Post, other regions will also be added if there is an increase of COVID-19-positive cases in the state.

He would recommend everyone who exhibits symptoms of an influenza-like sickness get treated as early as possible and said large gatherings should be avoided, and masks should be worn once again in crowded places.