Tripura: New Regulation On Fees, Donations In Private Schools Soon, Says CM

New regulation on Fees


The Tripura government is considering the implementation of new regulations pertaining to fees and donations in private schools across the state. This move aims to ensure transparency, fairness, and affordability in the education sector. The proposed regulations seek to address concerns related to excessive fees, arbitrary hikes, and the solicitation of donations by private educational institutions.

Promoting Transparency and Fairness:

Under the new regulations, the Tripura government aims to promote transparency and fairness in the fee structure of private schools. By establishing clear guidelines, the government intends to prevent any form of financial exploitation and ensure that educational costs remain reasonable for students and parents.

Addressing Excessive Fee Hikes:

One of the key objectives of the proposed regulations is to address the issue of arbitrary increases in fees. The government seeks to create a mechanism that ensures private schools cannot impose exorbitant fee hikes without valid justifications. This measure aims to safeguard the interests of students and their families while maintaining the quality of education.

Curbing Donations:

The regulations also aim to address the prevalent practice of soliciting donations from parents in private schools. By setting guidelines on acceptable donation practices, the government seeks to prevent any undue pressure on parents and create a more equitable educational environment. The proposed regulations may require private schools to maintain transparency in financial transactions and provide clarity on the utilization of donations.

Stakeholder Consultation:

The Tripura government recognizes the importance of stakeholder consultation in the formulation of these regulations. To ensure a comprehensive and inclusive approach, the government plans to engage with private school associations, educational experts, and parents’ associations to gather inputs and insights before finalizing the regulations. This collaborative process aims to create regulations that are well-balanced and considerate of the interests of all parties involved.


The Tripura government’s contemplation of new regulations on fees and donations in private schools reflects its commitment to promoting transparency, fairness, and affordability in the education sector. By addressing concerns related to excessive fees, arbitrary hikes, and donation solicitation, these regulations aim to create a more equitable educational environment for students and parents alike. As the government moves forward with the regulatory process, stakeholder consultation will play a vital role in shaping these regulations to ensure the best possible outcomes for all.



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