Tripura Opposition Parties Forge Unity Ahead of By-Elections: TIPRA, CPIM, Congress Leaders Convene


Tripura’s three major opposition parties – TIPRA Motha, CPIM, and Congress – convened for a closed-door meeting in Agartala on Saturday. The meeting was held to deliberate on a common strategy leading up to the upcoming assembly by-elections in two pivotal constituencies.

A widely circulated photo from the meeting showcased the presence of key leaders, including Jitendra Chowdhury, the CPIM state secretary, Animesh Debbarma, Leader of the Opposition and prominent TIPRA Motha legislator, Asish Saha, the state Congress president, and Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman. The gathering also included senior CPIM leader Manik Dey, as they engaged in constructive discussions.

Speaking about the meeting, Asish Kumar Saha, the President of Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee, emphasized the significance of opposition unity. Saha emphasized that no party wishes to enter the political arena solo, as a united front carries the potential to challenge the ruling BJP. He pointed out that collective efforts could recalibrate the political landscape, presenting a formidable challenge to the BJP’s stronghold in both constituencies.

Saha indicated that multiple rounds of discussions are in the pipeline before arriving at a mutually agreeable decision. He mentioned, “Hopefully, the picture will be clear in the next two days,” outlining the ongoing dialogues that will shape their unified approach.

While the primary focus was on discussions between CPIM and Congress, Animesh Debbarma, Leader of the Opposition, revealed that TIPRA Motha was also invited to the meeting. The gathering underscores a concerted effort among the opposition forces to align strategies and form a united front that could potentially alter the dynamics of the upcoming by-elections.

As the political landscape in Tripura takes an intriguing turn with these developments, the unity among the opposition parties carries the promise of intensified competition, ushering in a new phase in the state’s political narrative.



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