Tripura Police Bust Smuggling Operation, Seize Cannabis Worth Rs 1 Crore


In a significant development on January 6, Tripura Police successfully apprehended a suspect and seized a substantial amount of cannabis valued at Rs 1 crore. The operation took place in Mungiakami under the Khowai District, following a tip-off received by Officer-in-Charge Goutam Debbarma of the Mungiakami Police station.

According to Officer Goutam Debbarma, the police acted promptly upon receiving information about a cannabis smuggling operation. The investigation led them to the 31 Mile Naka Point, where they initiated vehicle checks. The interception of one particular vehicle en route to Ambassa proved crucial to the operation.

Upon detaining the vehicle, a thorough search revealed a hidden compartment containing a significant quantity of cannabis. The seized cache, meticulously packed in 57 packets, held a market value estimated at Rs 1 crore. This successful operation underscores the police’s commitment to combating illegal activities and maintaining law and order.

The truck involved in the smuggling operation originated from Agartala, pointing to the potential involvement of a larger network. The police are likely to intensify their efforts to trace the source of the contraband and dismantle any organized crime groups associated with such activities.

The driver of the intercepted truck was identified as Rahul Kumar, who was promptly arrested by the police. The arrest of the driver is a crucial step in uncovering the individuals and networks responsible for orchestrating the illicit trade. It is expected that further investigation will shed light on the entire supply chain involved in the trafficking of narcotics.

The successful operation by Tripura Police in seizing cannabis worth Rs 1 crore reflects their dedication to curbing illegal activities and ensuring the safety of the community. As the investigation progresses, it is anticipated that more details will emerge, providing insights into the dynamics of the narcotics trade in the region. This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in combating drug-related crimes and emphasizes the need for collaborative efforts to address this menace effectively.



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