Tripura Police Detain Five, Including Two Rohingyas


In Agartala, Tripura Police conducted a naka checking operation on Monday night, leading to significant arrests. Among those detained were two Rohingyas and three border touts. The Rohingyas were identified as Harul Amin and Jahangir Alam, while the Indian touts were named Farooq Miah, Abdul Kasen, and Rubel Ali.

According to police sources, the arrests were made as part of efforts to tighten security measures along the border areas. Rohingyas, who are stateless refugees, have been a cause of concern in the region due to their illegal entry and involvement in various criminal activities. The detained individuals are currently under investigation, and further details about their alleged involvement in illegal activities are expected to emerge soon.

The incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in border regions, where the porous borders make it easier for illegal immigrants and criminals to enter the country undetected.

Authorities have reiterated their commitment to maintaining vigilance and taking strict action against any individuals found to be involved in illegal activities, including human trafficking, smuggling, and terrorism. Residents in border areas have been urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the authorities promptly. The cooperation of the local community is crucial in combating crime and ensuring the safety and security of the region.

As the investigation into the recent arrests continues, law enforcement agencies remain on high alert to prevent any further incidents of illegal immigration or criminal activity along the border.



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