Tripura Police Enforces Tight Security for Lok Sabha Polls


In anticipation of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Tripura police has launched comprehensive security measures across the state to ensure a peaceful electoral process.

Proactive Strategy

Insiders from the Tripura police department disclosed that stringent security protocols have been enforced, resulting in significant seizures of narcotics valued at Rs 3 crore and the preventive arrest of approximately 12,000 individuals.

To bolster security arrangements, 70 companies of central armed police forces (CAPF) have been deployed in Tripura. Additionally, 5000 personnel from the Tripura State Rifles (TSR) have been mobilized.

Over 350 Flying Squad Teams (FST) and Static Surveillance Teams (SST) have been established across the state to monitor electoral activities and prevent any untoward incidents.

More than 1000 vehicle checkpoints and over 100 permanent checkpoints have been set up to intensify security measures and curb any potential disruptions during the election period.

A surge in search operations and flag marches has been observed throughout Tripura as part of the heightened security measures. CAPF alone conducted over 1700 flag marches between March 01 and March 27.

As a result of intensified security operations, significant quantities of contraband, including narcotics, liquor, and gambling paraphernalia, valued at over Rs 3.5 crore, have been confiscated.



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