Tripura Police Seize 830 Kilograms of Illegal Burmese Betel Nuts; Launches Investigation

Burmese Betel Nut seized on Mizoram,-Tripura Border

In a significant achievement, the Tripura Police successfully confiscated 830 kilograms of illegal Burmese betel nuts in Bansal area, located in the northern district of the state. Acting swiftly, the newly appointed Officer-in-Charge (OC) Raju Bhowmik of Damcherra police station received a tip-off about the illegal transportation of Burmese betel nuts entering Tripura via Mizoram. The police promptly initiated a chase and apprehended the suspect, leading to the recovery of the smuggled goods.

Within 24 hours of assuming his new role, OC Raju Bhowmik received intelligence regarding the illegal entry of Burmese betel nuts into Tripura from Mizoram. The information indicated that a six-wheeler truck bearing the registration number AS01-DD1316 was involved in the smuggling operation. Promptly acting on the tip-off, the Damcherra police station, situated in North Tripura district, initiated a plan to intercept the vehicle and apprehend the driver.

As the truck approached the checkpoint, the driver, spotting the police presence, attempted to evade capture by accelerating the vehicle’s speed. However, the determined police officers gave chase and managed to force the driver to abandon the truck in an area near Bansul SPO camp. Subsequently, the vehicle was brought to the Damcherra police station for further investigation. Upon conducting a thorough search, the police discovered 830 kilograms of illegal Burmese betel nuts concealed within a secret compartment of the truck.

Following the seizure of the contraband, the Damcherra police station registered a case pertaining to the illegal transportation of Burmese betel nuts. The investigation into the matter has been initiated to ascertain the individuals involved in the smuggling operation and to uncover the entire network associated with this illegal trade.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors circulating regarding the alleged involvement of Sudip Das, a resident of Ramnagar, and his uncle, Nantu Das, in the illegal trade of Burmese betel nuts and cow smuggling. Previously, Sudip Das has been involved in cases related to molestation and theft, as reported to the Dharmanagar police station in North Tripura district. The police have assured that efforts are underway to apprehend all those implicated in these illicit activities.

Law enforcement agencies in Tripura have expressed their determination to apprehend all individuals involved in the smuggling gang. With the successful seizure of the illegal Burmese betel nuts, the police are intensifying their efforts to identify and capture all members of the network responsible for such illicit activities. This operation reflects the commitment of the Tripura Police to maintain law and order and combat illegal trade within the state.

The seizure of 830 kilograms of illegal Burmese betel nuts by the Tripura Police underscores their dedication to combating smuggling and illegal activities. With the quick action taken by Officer-in-Charge Raju Bhowmik and the Damcherra police station, the smuggled goods were intercepted and recovered. The initiation of a thorough investigation into the matter indicates the authorities’ commitment to identifying and prosecuting all individuals involved in the smuggling operation. Through these efforts, the Tripura Police aim to maintain law and order and curb the prevalence of illegal activities within the state.



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