Tripura Police Seize Cannabis Worth Rs 8 Lakh, Make Arrest in Sepahijala District


Tripura Police have made a significant breakthrough in their ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking, as they apprehended an individual and confiscated cannabis valued at Rs 8 lakh. The arrest took place in Rampada Village, located within the Sonamura Sub-division of Tripura’s Sepahijala District on Wednesday.

Acting on intelligence inputs and conducting thorough surveillance, law enforcement officers were able to track down the suspect and intercept the illegal consignment. Upon inspection, authorities discovered a substantial quantity of cannabis in the possession of the arrested individual.

The seizure underscores the continued efforts of Tripura Police to crack down on drug-related activities and curb the circulation of illicit substances within the state. Cannabis, a prohibited narcotic substance under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, poses significant health and social risks, and its trafficking and distribution remain a serious concern for law enforcement agencies.

The successful operation in Rampada Village serves as a testament to the vigilance and determination of Tripura Police in tackling drug-related crimes. By apprehending individuals involved in illegal drug trade and seizing contraband substances, authorities aim to disrupt the supply chain of narcotics and prevent their proliferation in local communities.

In addition to law enforcement efforts, authorities are also stepping up efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction. Educational campaigns and community outreach programs play a crucial role in educating the public, particularly young people, about the harmful effects of drugs and the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.

The arrested individual is currently in police custody, and further investigations are underway to uncover any potential links to larger drug networks operating in the region. Tripura Police remain committed to maintaining law and order and safeguarding the well-being of citizens by combating drug trafficking and other criminal activities effectively.



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