Mizo Convention Urges Name Change from ‘Lushai’ to ‘Mizo’ in Tripura’s ST List

Mizo Convention

The Mizo Convention in Tripura has raised demands for a change in the name of the “Lushai” community to “Mizo” in the state’s Scheduled Tribe list. The convention, representing the Mizo community in Tripura, has advocated for this change to accurately reflect the ethnic identity and cultural heritage of the community.

The demand for renaming the “Lushai” community to “Mizo” stems from the historical and cultural significance of the term “Mizo” for the community. The Mizo people trace their roots to the Mizo Hills, encompassing present-day Mizoram, parts of Manipur and Assam, and regions of Bangladesh and Myanmar. The term “Mizo” has long been used to refer to the collective identity of the community, encompassing various tribes and sub-groups sharing common cultural traits, language, and traditions.

In contrast, the term “Lushai” has colonial connotations and is considered outdated and derogatory by many members of the Mizo community. Historically used by British colonial authorities to categorize and govern the various tribes inhabiting the Mizo Hills, the term “Lushai” does not accurately reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the community.

The Mizo Convention argues that renaming the “Lushai” community to “Mizo” in the state’s Scheduled Tribe list would not only rectify historical inaccuracies but also affirm the community’s identity and promote cultural pride and solidarity among its members. Additionally, the convention believes that this change would align with the broader recognition of the term “Mizo” in various official documents and government records.

The demand for renaming the community has garnered support from various quarters within Tripura, including Mizo organizations, tribal leaders, and civil society groups. They view the proposed change as a positive step towards acknowledging and respecting the cultural diversity and heritage of the Mizo community in the state.

As discussions and deliberations continue regarding the demand for renaming the “Lushai” community to “Mizo,” stakeholders emphasize the importance of sensitivity, inclusivity, and respect for cultural identities and histories. The outcome of these discussions will have implications for the recognition and representation of the Mizo community in Tripura’s administrative and governmental frameworks.



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