Tripura Power Department Works to Restore Power Supply after Thunder-Squall and Rain Damage


The power department in Tripura has implemented emergency measures to repair and restore normal power supply after a thunder-squall and heavy pre-monsoon rain caused widespread disruptions. According to Ratan Lal Nath, the Minister for Power, power supply was disrupted in all 23 divisions, with 337 km of power lines torn up, 577 poles collapsed, and 57 transformers severely damaged. The most affected subdivisions were Belonia and Sonamura. Repair works are underway, and leaves of power department employees have been suspended until normalcy is restored. The state government is also working on increasing power generation capacity through projects like Rookhia and solar power installations in various locations, with funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The total power consumer base in Tripura has been steadily increasing, reaching 9,45,332 consumers at present, compared to 7,61,756 consumers in 2018 during the previous left front government.



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