Tripura Reports Increase in COVID-19 Cases, but Health Improving with 11 Recoveries in Last 24 Hours


The state of Tripura in India has reported an increase in the number of coronavirus cases. However, the good news is that the health of those infected is improving, with 11 patients recovering in the last 24 hours. On the other hand, nine new infections were reported, bringing the daily infection rate to 1.04 percent. The total number of active cases has now reduced to 43.

According to the health department’s media bulletin, a total of 869 samples were tested in the last 24 hours, with eight tested by RT-PCR and 861 by rapid antigen. Out of these, nine people were found to be infected with COVID-19 through the rapid antigen test. Despite the increase in cases, the daily infection rate has remained stable at 1.04 percent.

Eleven patients have recovered in the last 24 hours, which is a positive development for the state. Currently, there are only 43 active cases in the state. The health department continues to monitor the situation closely to ensure that the spread of the virus is contained.

As of now, a total of 108,150 people have been infected with the coronavirus in Tripura, out of which 107,101 people have recovered after getting rid of the infection. Currently, the rate of corona infection in the state stands at 4.04 percent, while the recovery rate has been 99.03 percent. The death rate is 0.87 percent, with 937 people having lost their lives due to the virus in Tripura so far.

The health department has released a media bulletin informing that in the last 24 hours, two people each in West district, Gomti and North Tripura districts, and three people in Khowai district have been infected with corona. In the remaining four districts, no new cases of corona have been reported.

The state government has taken various measures to curb the spread of the virus. These include social distancing measures, mandatory use of face masks, and the promotion of good hygiene practices. The government has also ramped up testing and contact tracing efforts to ensure that infected individuals are identified and isolated quickly.

The Tripura health department has urged citizens to follow the guidelines issued by the government to prevent the spread of the virus. These include wearing masks in public places, avoiding large gatherings, maintaining social distancing, and washing hands regularly.

The state of Tripura in India is currently dealing with an increase in the number of coronavirus cases. However, the government and health authorities are taking necessary steps to curb the spread of the virus. With citizens also following the guidelines issued by the government, it is hoped that the situation will improve soon.



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