Tripura Students Federation Demands Special Exam, Jobs for Bus Tragedy Victims’ Families

Tripura Students Federation (TSF)

Talking about Dima Hasao bus tragedy on May 2nd, the Tripura Students Federation (TSF) has put forward demands for special considerations for the victims’ families. The TSF has urged authorities to organize a special exam conducted by the Tripura State Cooperative Bank (TSCB) exclusively for the affected families. Additionally, they have called for the provision of employment opportunities for the families of the accident victims.

The TSF’s demands come as a response to the tragic incident that claimed the lives of several individuals and left many families grappling with the aftermath. The federation believes that providing special exam opportunities and employment opportunities to the affected families would not only assist in their recovery process but also demonstrate the government’s commitment to justice and welfare.

The TSF’s call for a special TSCB exam aims to offer a lifeline to the families impacted by the bus tragedy. By conducting a separate examination exclusively for these families, the TSF hopes to provide them with a chance to secure employment and rebuild their lives amidst the challenges they face in the aftermath of the accident.

Furthermore, the TSF’s demand for employment opportunities for the victims’ families underscores the need for tangible support and assistance from the government. By offering job opportunities to those affected by the tragedy, authorities can play a crucial role in alleviating the financial burdens and providing a source of stability for these families during their time of need.

The TSF’s advocacy for special measures reflects the collective sentiment of the community in the aftermath of the tragic accident. It underscores the importance of addressing the specific needs of the affected families and ensuring that they receive the necessary support and assistance to overcome the challenges they face in the aftermath of such a devastating event.

As the TSF continues to push for special considerations for the victims’ families, their efforts serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of solidarity and support in times of adversity. By rallying behind those affected by the Dima Hasao bus tragedy, the TSF exemplifies the spirit of compassion and resilience that defines the community in Tripura.



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