Tripura Tension Peaks Ahead of Election Results: CEO Assures Sufficient Security Measures


Less than 24 hours remained before the announcement of the Tripura Assembly poll results, and the blood pressure of political party leaders and workers ran high with anxiety and anticipation. The counting of votes is set to start tomorrow at 8 am with the postal ballot and EVM at 8:30 am.

To ensure a smooth and secure counting process, CEO Kiran Gitte assured that there will be sufficient security arrangements at the 21 venues across the state where the counting will take place. He further stated that there will be three-tier security in the counting centers, with the first layer checking passes, the second layer examining items carried by individuals entering the center, and the third layer monitoring access to the counting hall, which will be granted only to authorized persons.

The CEO’s announcement comes as a relief to many who feared possible unrest and violence. The election season has been marred by incidents of violence and clashes between supporters of different political parties. However, with the assurance of strict security measures, the people of Tripura can now look forward to a fair and peaceful announcement of the election results.

The Tripura election has been a closely watched one, with the BJP-led alliance and the opposition parties engaging in a fierce battle for power. The state recorded a high voter turnout of 78.56% during the polling on February 18th. The results of the election will determine the fate of the 60-member Tripura Assembly.

As the clock ticks down to the announcement of the election results, the tension in Tripura remains palpable. However, with the CEO’s assurance of security measures, the people can now hope for a peaceful and fair conclusion to this hotly contested election.



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